KOTA now has three ways for you to pay your dues. 1)  Traditional check or cash. 2)  Credit card 3)  Automatic Monthly Debit. With the Automatic Monthly Debit option, you will no longer have to remember to renew your membership. KOTA will draft 1/12 of your membership per month for at least a year and continue until you tell us to stop. For Occupational Therapists, that's just $6.25 per month and for OTAs, it's only $4.16! Please use our downloadable Membership Application if you would like to pay by Automatic Bank Draft.  For check, cash, or credit card payments, you may also use our online application. Membership is now valid for 12 months from the date of registration.  


Membership Categories and Rates

Category Rate Description
OT   $75.00  Occupational Therapists
OTA  $50.00  Occupational Therapy Assistants
Student  $30.00  Currently enrolled in an OT or OTA program
New Grad   $40.00  OT or OTA who is in her/his first year of practice
Sustaining OT  $100.00  OT providing additional support to KOTA
Sustaining OTA  $75.00  OTA providing additional support to KOTA
Organizational  $80.00  Agencies or institutions supporting KOTA


Online Registration/Renewal

Click here to apply for membership or click here to renew your existing membership.

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