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May. 14, 2020

The Telehealth Program is a new state program in


Apr. 1, 2020


This document has been updated to address telehealth and MCO-related FAQs that have been received. The MCO FAQs begin on page 11 of this document:



Apr. 1, 2020


The following guidance is to advise the reader of the current position of the Kentucky Department of Insurance on Telehealth Remote Communications:


Mar. 16, 2020


KOTA board members and colleagues have gathered the following resources on practice for Telehealth: 

Telehealth Checklist for Providers, Click HERE. 

ATA Principles for Provioding Telehealth, Click HERE

Youtube presentation by Jana Cason on Telehealth Introduction to Telehealth in Occupational Therapy, Click HERE.

Free 45 minute Telehealth webinar. Click here.


Mar. 16, 2020


Department of Medicaid Services Commissioner Lisa Lee has made it clear she intends to use her authority with the MCOs to make sure they comply with any measures, flexibility, codes/billing changes, etc., during the Covid-19 crisis. It is important, however, that you keep thorough documentation throughout this crisis for refusals of services, for no-shows, for anything that may arise, to be prepared for any future audits. 


Here are some important links related to telehealth services and coverage for both commercial plans and Medicaid.  I have also included the KBLOT regulation related to telehealth for occupational therapy.


KRS 304.17A-138 - Telehealth coverage and reimbursement -- Requirements for health benefit plan -- Benefits subject to deductible, copayment, or coinsurance -- Payment subject to provider network arrangements  is the state law related to health insurance coverage of telehealth services by commercial insurance plans.  It requires coverage of telehealth services for services that the insurance plan covers as an in-person service.


KRS 205.559 - Requirements for Medicaid reimbursement to participating providers for telehealth consultations is the current telehealth statute related to Medicaid


KRS 205.5591 - Medicaid providers using telehealth -- Duties of cabinet and managed care organizations -- Reimbursement for covered services -- Administrative regulations -- Deductible, copayment, and reinsurance requirements -- Policies and guidelines is the current reimbursement statute related to Medicaid.


907 KAR 3:170 - Telehealth service coverage and reimbursement  is the Medicaid regulation related to telehealth services.


201 KAR 28.235 Telehealth occupational therapy services is the KBLOT telehealth regulation


201 KAR 28 140 for telehealth


201 KAR 28 030 Short term practice of OT for Telehealth

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