Check out these resources for hand sanitizer, face shields, masks, and gloves. Thank you for continuing to put our patients first! 


PPE Resources 

NEW: We understand that with the “new norm” for treating patients in-person, you may be challenged to get needed personal protective equipment (PPE).  If you are in need of 3-ply disposable masks and have not found them at a reasonable price, we are aware of an Ky independent pharmacist who is selling masks for a very reasonable price.  His price of $0.60 per mask is the lowest we have seen offered.  He has given us permission to share his name and phone number in the event you would like to order some.  He sells them in boxes of 50 masks or as a case of 2,000 masks.  He is not charging shipping if you purchase at least a case.  He has them in stock so they can be shipped immediately.  The Ky Chamber is also selling masks, but they are priced at $1 per mask plus shipping.  If you would like to reach out about the masks here is his information:

Jonathan Grider: Cell 270-585-2221


Hand Sanitizer 

#TeamKentucky is working to prioritize requests for hand sanitizer with distillers and other companies that are rushing to obtain and produce the necessary products.
Note that hospitals, first responders and other critical employers are our top priority. You can note whether you wish it be a purchase or a donation.

Face Shields

Integrated Sign & Graphic:

They still have thousands of face shields available, are based out of Lexington KY and would be happy to fill your order.The easiest way to order is to visit our online store at You’ll notice we have (2) different models. One is reusable but doesn’t have the foam barrier at the top. The other has the phone barrier at the top, but is difficult to effectively sanitize and therefore not recommended for multi-use. Different clinicians have different preferences, so we have extended both options. Lead time is currently (1) business day. If you are local and want to avoid shipping charges, please just click on the “Pick-Up” option.


Face Masks

Amazon:This link is a special section of Amazon Prime dedicated to organizations on the front line. So you can technically search for all tupes of products.

Marena This company normally makes compression garments, but sells reusable face masks.


Grogans- Federated Healthcare Supply Holdings:

Eastcoast Medical

Northcoast Medical


AOTA has recently uploaded a summary of state actions. You can find it by clicking here. 

This is a chart summarizing actions from AOTA. Click here. 


COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions for Medicaid 1915(c) Home and Community Based Services Waivers:


See The Office of Inspector General's response to Governor Beshear’s press conference on 3/18/20 regarding Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy:


KHRA - A few updates regarding Medicaid copays and behavioral health services in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Emergency regs were filed yesterday, 3/13, regarding Medicaid copays (attached):

·         eliminating for 1915(c) waivers and long-term care facilities

·         clarifying exemption for foster kids and pregnant women

·         waiving for certain populations in response to public health emergency declarations

·         waiving if actuarial analysis proves cost-effectiveness/neutrality

·         allowing MCOs to reduce or eliminate all together for their enrollees

DMS is still confident MCOs will choose to waive copays out of competition for members and for new contracts. Even though some current MCOs have held onto copays, DMS is meeting with them and continues to push for waiving. 



We know you are concerned about providing care throughout this pandemic and what it means to your clients and the services and treatment they need. We have been in direct communication with the Governor's Office, CHFS Secretary, DMS Commissioner, DBHDID Commissioner, and DBHDID Clinical Medical Director who are all working in close concert with the Governor and DPH Commissioner in response to COVID-19. 

Just tonight, DBHDID Clinical Medical Director Allen Brenzel joined Governor Beshear's briefing stressing the importance of behavioral health care. In addition to general advice and guidance, he reinforced that DBHDID, DMS, and the Governor's Office is doing everything they can as quickly as they can to ensure behavioral health services remain accessible, providers are given creative flexibility, and telehealth is not just possible but prioritized.

First, DMS issued more guidance yesterday, 3/13, regarding 1915(c) Home & Community Based Waivers - allowing telehealth to be used for case management effective immediately (attached). That's in addition to the DMS provider letters I shared in the original email below. Expect more of these very soon. 


Some things we are all pushing for and hope to expect are:

·         flexibility/expansion to bill telehealth

·         flexibility regarding in-person requirements for TCM, CSS, peer support 

·         including licensed behavioral health professionals to use those same codes listed in the letter that are currently limited to physicians (allowing telephonic/facetime) - though we know these codes are of short duration and inadequate reimbursement (also working on that)

·         utilizing state and federal emergency disaster funds to support providers facing significant increases in costs and lost revenue


The DMS Commissioner has made it clear she intends to use her authority with the MCOs to make sure they comply with any measures, flexibility, codes/billing changes, etc. It is important, however, that you keep thorough documentation throughout this crisis for refusals of services, for no-shows, for anything that may arise, to be prepared for any future audits. 


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