General Guidelines

  • Media that shall be considered for the purpose of advertising include the Association newsletter, webpage and electronic mail distribution list.  Membership lists may be provided in electronic format or as pre-printed labels.
  • Content of advertisements should relate to the professional interests of KOTA members. KOTA reserves the right to refuse to accept advertisements at its discretion.
  • Agreement to accept an advertisement does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation by KOTA unless expressly stated.
  • Advertisements will not be published or posted and mailing lists will not be sent until full payment has been received.  Requested content and payment will be sent to the KOTA Office Manager.
  • Advertisements will be accepted in electronic format only.  Specific guidelines will accompany each of the media.



  • The KOTA Newsletter is published four times per year.  Rates are for ads that will appear in one issue of the newsletter.
  • Advertisement text should be in rich text format and graphics in jpeg format. 



Text Only Link          $40.00

Image Banner         $80.00



  • Advertisements on the Association web page will be limited to formatted text.
  • Each advertisement will appear on an individual page and content will be limited to 200 words.
  • Advertisements will remain posted for 30 days.



1 page              $100.00


Electronic Mail Distribution List

  • Advertisements will be limited to formatted text and may contain up to 200 words. 
  • KOTA will send the advertisement to all members who have provided an e-mail address.  Member e-mail addresses will not be shared with advertisers.



$50.00 per advertisement


Mailing List

  • KOTA will provide advertisers with an electronic copy of membership names and addresses.



$50.00 electronic list


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