KOTA District Contacts

The Districts were formed by dividing Kentucky into four geographic regions: Central, Eastern, Northern, and Western.  The Districts are defined by counties, however, members are welcome to attend the district meetings of their choice.  The purpose of the districts is to increase direct participation of members in the Association and to provide a mechanism for members to address needs unique to their district related to practice, education and legislative issues.

KOTA Districts by County  

Each district is a self-governing unit and holds meetings at various times during the year. Elected District Chairs are voting members of the KOTA Executive Board. A KOTA member may choose a district based on home address, work place or any other preference. District meetings are a great way to keep abreast of current issues on a state and national level as well as network with your colleagues. By providing educational opportunities to district members, KOTA does not necessarily endorse or agree with the information provided by this programming. 


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