KOTA Member Spotlight

Courtney Nussbaumer, OTS



1.     Why did you choose OT

I chose occupational therapy after seeing first-hand the difference an OT can have on someone’s life. My Grandpa was a double amputee due to complications with diabetes, the difference that OT made in not only his life, but my whole family’s life pushed me to pursue this field. I have always had a passion for helping others and by being an OT I am able to do that. 

2.      What field of OT would you like to work in?

I have an interest in the rehab and IP acute care setting and would love to work in one of those fields one day. I have not had a bad experience in any setting yet so I am still very open to anything!

3.      Do you have any previous experience?

Previously to starting the program at Spalding I had volunteered at a hippotherapy clinic as well as in the spinal cord unit at Frazier. Both solidified that this was the profession I wanted to be in. 

4.      Other interesting facts about yourself

                I have lived in 6 different states 

                I had a spinal fusion at the age of 12 from C7- L3

                I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan


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