KOTA Student Spotlight: Jacob Hatfield

KOTA Student Spotlight

Jacob Hatfield, KOTA Member and MCC OTA Student

Questions and Answers with Jacob- 

1. Why did you choose OT?

A few years ago I volunteered to be Santa for the Sensitive Santa event hosted by Lynn OT. I had very little experience with kids and even less with children with disabilities. I discovered that helping those kids and putting a smile on their faces was something I could do!  This experience completely changed my ideas about what I'm capable of and inspired me to pursue a career in OT. 


2. What field of OT would you like to work in?

Pediatrics. I believe this is the avenue in which I can affect the most positive outcomes in my community. 


3. Do you have any previous experience?

I've helped with summer camps, sensitive Santa/Easter Bunny, and other events for children with disabilities that contribute to the local community. 


4. Other interesting facts about yourself

I'm the president of the MCC 2018 Student OTA Club and a student representative for the AOTA ASD committee. I enjoy playing music, fishing, spending time with my family, reading, and exploring philosophy and psychology. 


Reporting by Cory Heslin

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