KOTA Committees

President: Guides the officers, standing committee members and special liaisons to ensure progress toward achievement of the Association goals and objectives.  The President provides leadership to the Association.

Vice-President: Discharges the duties of the President in his/her absence, serves as Chair of the Programs Committee, and provides leadership to the Association.

President-Elect: A period of orientation to become educated regarding the role and responsibilities of the Association President.

Secretary: Records minutes of all Association and Executive Board meetings, acts as record keeper, conducts Association correspondence, and maintains Association archives at Eastern Kentucky University.

Treasurer: Conducts the financial affairs of the Association.

AOTA Representative: Represents the American Occupational Therapy Association voting members in the Kentucky election area in the formulation and adoption of the AOTA policy.

Alternative Representative: Works collaboratively with the AOTA Representative to perform all duties of the Representative position.

District Chair:  Responsbile for calling and presiding at district meetings and conducting the activities of the District consistent with the objectives of the District and the Association.

OTA Representative: Addresses and responds to state and national issues and concerns unique to the OTA.  The OTA Representative serves as a resource and contact person for occupational therapy assistants who are members of the Association. 

Standing Committees 

The Programs Committee, chaired by the Vice-President, plans, prepares and secures arrangements for professional development and conference offerings of the Association. The Finance Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, prepares the annual budget of the Association for consideration by the Executive Board and the Membership.  The Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring the budget and making adjustments to prevent deficit spending. The Nominations Committee conducts the nomination and election process for the elected officers of the Association and assists with the election of Representative and Alternate Representative to the Representative Assembly of the American Occupational Therapy Association. The Nominations subcommittee is the Recognitions Committee.  It facilitates recognition of the significant contributions of Kentucky occupational therapy practitioners and occupational therapy advocates. The Practice Committee promotes the quality of occupational therapy standards and practice relative to consumer, practitioner and state regulatory needs. The Practice Committee guides the Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy (OT/PT) Liaison. The OT/PT Liaison provides a channel for communication between the Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association and the Kentucky Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. The Practice Committee guides the Special Interest Section (SIS) Liaison.  The SIS Liaison serves as a contact and resource for KOTA members for issues and concerns related to occupational therapy practice. The Public Relations Committee publicizes Association activities and facilitates recognition, understanding and a positive image of occupational therapy by citizens of the Commonwealth. The Legislative Affairs Committee monitors and activates state and federal legislative activity consistent with the Association's strategic plan and operational objectives.  The Committee works collaboratively with the KOTA lobbyist and maintains communication with the Public Affairs Division of the American Occupational Therapy Association. The Legislative Affairs subcommittee is the Reimbursement Committee.  It collects and disseminates information relating to reimbursement of occupational therapy services to members and consumers, monitors changes in reimbursement practices, and participates in activities necessary to ensure optimum reimbursement for occupational therapy. The Ways and Means Committee raises revenue for uses determined by the Executive Board and general membership to achieve Association goals. The Membership Committee maintains a roster of all Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association members and guides and conducts membership activities that are consistent with the Association's strategic plan and operational objectives. The Newsletter Committee is a subcommittee of Membership.  The Newsletter Committee is responsible for publishing the newsletter to keep members informed of activities and goals being facilitated in the state. The Education Committee provides the membership information regarding educational issues, consults with developing and ongoing occupational therapy educational programs, and facilitates research efforts. The Education subcommittee is the Research Committee.  It plans, organizes and implements activities that educate the membership regarding research with the intent of promoting research by the membership. 

Special Committees 

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Liaison serves as a resource for Association members for international contacts and related activities. The Multicultural Liaisonserves as a resource for Association members for issues and concerns unique to individuals of diverse backgrounds. The Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee (BPPC) reviews the Association's bylaws, policies and procedures for internal consistency, to regulate the Association affairs, and to satisfy the needs of the membership.

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