New KOTA Ways and Means Chair: Meagan Smallwood

KOTA Members 

I want to introduce KOTA’s recently appointed Ways and Means committee chair Meagan Smallwood. 
Meagan looks forward to working with our executive board to move KOTA forward. Below is Meagan’s brief bio and interests. 
“My name is Meagan Smallwood, COTA and I am 26 [27 in september] and have been working at American Senior Communities for 3 years. I graduated from JCTCs OTA program and have an AOTA and KOTA membership. I am also Delay the Disease certified and have a passion for sensory integration. I love OT because of it's holistic approach to treat not only the body but the soul.
If you want fun facts I love rescuing animals. I have 2 huskies and 2 bunnies. I grew up in Nelson County Kentucky but currently live in Louisville. “

Dale E. Lynn
KOTA President 

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