Student Representative: Welcome Cory Heslin

Hello, My name is Cory Heslin; I am 22 years old, and I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. I attended Eastern high school where I was on the basketball team, ran track and cross-country, a leader in fellowship of Christian athletes (FCA), and involved with Beta club. When I ran cross-country and track in high school, I was picked to be the team captain all four years during my school career of running. The responsibility of being a team captain included keeping my teammates accountable, believing in my teammates, and becoming excited for my teammates whenever they achieved a goal. I love to reach my goals, but there is something special about helping and seeing my teammates achieve their goals. This could be me pushing my teammates during our runs, or simply encouraging them to do their best. Setting the example of hard work and dedication is something I really understood when I became a junior in high school. I realized then how much the underclassman had looked up to me; therefore, I had to watch everything I said and did. Instead, I showed them that hard work pays off. During my senior of high school, I placed 8th in the Kentucky state track meet for the mile, named academic all-state team, and was fortunate enough to continue my running career in college.

Fellowship of Christian athletes was an organization that we have at my high school and I was a part of it. My junior year was when I heavily became apart of this organization. I was then picked to be an FCA leader and helped lead other kids to God, and would invite them to join for Wednesday morning chapel in our school auditorium. Furthermore, since I was a leader in this organization, my fellow FCA leaders and I were in charge of getting guest speakers to speak at our service on Wednesday mornings. This also involved the other leaders being accountable and making sure that they were giving their best to the organization. It was a blessing to have kids that had never thought about God, but were able to come to Wednesday morning chapel each week and watch their lives change.

To this day, I still run in college and am involved with FCA. Just like in high school, I am the team captain on Spalding University’s track team. I use the same skills now that I acquired from being a team captain in high school and transfer that to my team in college. To this day, I still love to see whenever my teammates improve and achieve their goals that they have worked for. Not only do I run in college, but I also coach a middle school cross-country team.

Throughout the past couple summers while in college, I was involved with FCA once again, except now I was a huddle leader at a FCA camp. As a huddle leader, I got to spend 3 days hanging out with middle schoolboys. My role was to help lead these boys to God when they were ready to get to know him. In those 3 days I got to know and build a relationship with them. It was an incredible journey that I saw each boy go through and I was glad I was a part of that journey.

I am interested in the KOTA Student Representative position for multiple reasons. My passion for occupational therapy is relatively new, but a passion that I want to grow. Therefore, I want to be more involved with organizations, such as KOTA and AOTA. However, I just don’t want to be someone who “walks through the motions” of being an occupational therapist, I want to be someone who can contribute to the KOTA and help it become even better. In addition to my passion for occupational therapy, I would like to start learning leadership skills in the occupational therapy field that could help me one day. My dream one day is to have a major leadership role within the occupational therapy organization. Most of my life I have been a leader in some type of group. I have learned skills that I will forever use throughout my life and I want to use those skills for occupational therapy while learning new ones. I do realize how big of a commitment being the student representative can be, but it is one that I am willing to fully commit to the best of my abilities.

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